Write A Book And Change Lots Of Lives

Write A Book And Change Lots Of Lives

Thinking Of Writing A Book?

A large percentage of people have thought about or want to write a book. However, the majority of these people never manage to get around to starting or completing their book. Usually self-doubt and fear is what is holding them back from taking action. Whatever the reason, it is important to realise that writing books isn’t that complicated when you have the right formula.

How To Start Writing A Book?

Having self doubt and fears about writing a book is very common and its something that I struggled with myself for a long time. Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start. Or, you don’t know how to structure a book. Or, it’s because the steps to getting published seem so daunting.

One thing to keep in mind is not to get stuck in “analysis paralysis.” and spending too time thinking and debating about how to write a book and Instead, take some action by doing some proper research and preparation. When you do this you will find that you too can discover how to write a book with more ease and confidence than you imagine.

Benefits Of Writing A Book?

As the book publishing landscape continues to change, there are more and more authors who are discovering that there are more important rewards to writing a book than profits from book sales or from the enhanced value of your personal brand.

One of the biggest benefits and rewards comes from the writing of the book!

The Personal Branding Benefits of Writing.

The personal branding benefits of writing and publishing a book are well known. Writing a nonfiction book that helps readers in your field solve a problem or achieve a goal:

  • Enhances your visibility and positions you as an expert.
  • Attracts pre-qualified prospects.
  • Opens the doors to new opportunities.

Additional Benefits

Here are some of the other benefits that entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and individuals can gain from writing a book:

  1. Writing skills. 
  2. Planning tools. 
  3. New perspective. 
  4. Content marketing. 
  5. Decision-making. 
  6. Confidence. 
  7. Creativity and curiosity. 

Writing is not only a way to share your ideas with others, but also the best way to discover ideas and connections that are lurking in your own brain.

If you have an important message or story that you would like to share with others and gain the many personal benefits from writing your book but need some extra motivation and in-depth information to get you started and keep you on track, contact us today for a friendly chat to find out how we can help and support you get your book written and published.

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