About Calum


Calum was born with entrepreneurial spirit, business and property in his DNA. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, property investor and have time and financial freedom to live life on his terms.

From humble beginnings and a challenging childhood, Calum began his entrepreneurial journey at 12 years old. He began earning more money some weeks whilst still at school than a lot of adults were earning at the time. He started saving money and enjoyed watching it grow from the high interest rates back in the 1980’s.

Calum left school at 15 years old with only a few qualifications to join his father’s construction company and train as a carpenter. He took a pay cut when leaving school to earn only £27.50 per week as a first year apprentice carpenter. At 19 years old with limited resources, Calum left the world of employment to set-up his own construction company and worked extremely hard and long hours to grow the company. At 23 years old, Calum made his first property investment for cash and began building his dream home. Soon afterwards Calum began to feel his motivation and energy levels drop and he became stressed, depressed, anxious and burnt out unable to work. He learned that selling his time for money was not a scalable or sustainable business model or route to achieving success, which came at a heavy cost to his health. He also realised that success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

At 26, Calum followed his intuition and took an opportunity to go to University, where he gained a BSc in Quantity Surveying with distinction and went on to work for a larger company for a short period. During this phase of his life, Calum learned that working as an employee was not for him and he became burned out, depressed and anxious again.

Calum then discovered personal development and began investing in himself, and discovered a passion for public speaking and writing books that he never knew he had.

Today Calum is a #1 Bestselling Author, World Class International Public Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur and Property Investor and is dedicated to sharing his 30+ years’ knowledge and experience in Business and Property to help others achieve financial and time freedom and live life on their terms.