Business Startup & Launch

Are you thinking about starting a business? Here is a hard-hitting fact:80% of all businesses fail within the first five years. Ultimately, only 4% will survive. And even if you survive it still doesn't mean you will be profitable!

So, what is the BIGGEST choke hold in a business? Most people believe it is a lack of skills, or strategy. Whilst these are all critical components in creating a REAL & SUSTAINABLE business. Having knowledge alone is not power, knowledge is simply POTENTIAL power. EXECUTION will always create greater results than theory. And execution starts with the PSYCHOLOGY of the business owner. That's YOU!

You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to become great. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and join one of our Business Startup and Launch programmes today..

m that allows me to see, hear, and interact with an intimate group of business owners who have committed to spending the next four days LASERThis week I’m (virtually) in Sydney, Australia leading my Business Mastery program by way of a LIVE video strea FOCUSED on their ultimate business goals. This intense BOOTCAMP program is designed to help business owners TRANSFORM their business and achieve EXPONENTIAL GROWTH … but the truth is, it will ultimately change their lives.

So why is PSYCHOLOGY so important when it comes to business ownership? Because your BELIEFS about your abilities will drive your DECISIONS. And YOUR DECISIONS shape the destiny of your entire business.

🔗🎙Check out the latest episode of the #TonyRobbinsPodcast where you’ll hear me work with a business owner whose limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts had been overshadowing his potential for greatness. Learn how he broke free from that mindset and discovered a life of joy and fulfillment.