Private Mastermind Retreats

We offer clients the opportunity to join our private mastermind retreats, which are held in various exotic and prestigious locations around the world. The people and locations are carefully selected to suit the desired outcome of the private mastermind retreat. Sometimes they are held in tranquil settings away from it all to allow you to connect with yourself, whilst others are held in peaceful prestigious locations to provide inspiration for growth to a high level.

Our private mastermind retreats are generally 5 to 8 days duration and we aim to have one retreat per month and the impact of taking part is life transformation.

We provide details of the next three retreats on the website. 

Access on to the retreats is be application and interview only to ensure that you are ready for such a life transformation experience, where you can connect and grow with like minded individuals in a safe environment.

Contact us to today to indicate your interest and for further information and we will get straight back to you.