College Innovation Event Malaysia

One of my Great Passions Is Business and when Business is combined with Innovation it becomes even more interesting for me!

The Vocational College Langkawi held there annual Student Innovation Event 9th August 2018, where the students presented the top two innovation projects from each department. It was a great display of innovation, creativity, talent, resourcefulness and excellence. Each of the projects on display and presented had a product that has the potential to create a great business and provide value to others in the local, national and international markets..

I was feeling very grateful and honoured to be invited to attend the event and judge the presentations, which was a difficult task due to the consistently high standard of projects on display.

I look forward to hopefully seeing these projects being further developed and launched in to the market place.

There has never been a time in history when it was easier to develop and launch a new product than it is today and with more opportunities available now than ever before, the future looks bright.