Business Success Accelerator

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Business Entrepreneurship is the key to turning your passions in to profit and building a business that saves you time and runs like clockwork, allowing you to create time and financial freedom and a sustainable future for you and your family. Business Success Accelerator is designed to help people start, scale and succeed in business whilst creating time and financial freedom to live life on your terms whilst follow your passions and building your dreams..

In today’s fast changing world, there has never been so many opportunities available to start and grow your business and the good news is that it has never been easier.

Whether you are looking to start a new business or turn any existing business into a massively profitable one, you will learn all the information you need at this essential workshop to ensure your success.

At this 3 day event, you will learn:

  • The Business Success Insider Formula.
  • What the most successful businesses are doing today.
  • How to turn your idea into a scale-able and successful business.
  • Pick the right business model for your idea and validate the idea before you start to ensure higher chance of success and stacks the odds in your favour.
  • How to work smart and not hard.
  • How to systemise the business processes, allowing you to work on the business rather than working in the business.
  • How to market your business to create more revenue and profit.
  • Sell to customers immediately (even before you start developing the product!)
  • Scale the business quickly and in a sustainable in a controlled manner.
  • Pitch effectively to investors and raise capital for your business.

Calum Kirkness is an entrepreneur, international speaker, #1 bestselling author and creator and author of the Business Success Insider Formula and the Property Success Insider Formula.

With 30 years experience in Business and Property, Calum has always been a passionate entrepreneur and investor. He enjoys speaking to audiences inspiring, motivating and changing people lives allowing them to live life on their terms.